The upside down monkey featured in our logo
is our 20" Classic Sock Monkey.

Rockford Socks and Sock Monkeys

Nelson Knitting Mills in Rockford Illinois made the first original Rockford red heel® socks in 1880. The socks were intended to be work socks, but in the early 1900's mothers started crafting these socks into sock monkeys for their children. In 1920 Nelson Knitting Mills began including directions with their socks on how to make sock monkeys.
Nelson Knitting Mills was purchased by Fox River Mills in 1992. Fox River Mills continues the tradition of including sock monkey directions with every pair of red heel® socks. In addition to the sock monkey instructions, instructions are also included for making a sock elephant. Imagine that!

Sock monkey crafting instructions are included with every pair of red heel® socks.

Also included are instructions on how to make a sock elephant. Wow!

I want to make a sock monkey.

Original Red Heel Socks

Spark your creativity and create your very own
original sock monkey!

Socks are sold in packages of two pairs. Each
package comes complete with instructions for
making a sock monkey (this is not a kit).

These socks are the Original Rockford Red Heel®
monkey socks that have been used by crafters for

The socks are light weight crew socks of smooth flat
jersey knit stitch with an elastic top: 97% cotton, 2%
acrylic, 1% nylon, except 2% Lycra® spandex added
to tops. Machine washable.

Available in sizes: Small, Medium,
Large, XL.

Actual size breakdown is as follows:
Small: Child size 6-7
Medium: Women's size 8-9
Large: Men's size 10-11
XLarge: Men's size 12-13
Note: Size large is most commonly purchased
by crafters for making sock monkeys.

$9.99 for two pair

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